normalize breastfeeding


Hello lovelies...What are you doing this weekend? I want to go somewhere new, and watch landscapes change before my eyes. Traveling with little one is always tricky. But where ever I go, I'm happy that my milk isn't something that I forget to bring with me ☺️👶💕


My body in love

This is one of my first self-portraits as a mom. Before entering motherhood, I've imagined having a baby will be full of fluffy clouds and kisses. Boy, was I in for a big surprise! 

The new me was nursing every 3 hours for 45 min, pumped for 20 min, then spent next 10 min cleaning the pump, and carefully labeling and storing my milk away (even on days when I made only a spoonful). That gave me less than 2 hours to rest my tired, engorged and blistered boobs.

For the first 4 months I couldn't make enough milk to keep my little one happy. So I supplemented my baby with formula in-between nursing. For me, keeping her alive was the biggest challenge than anything I had ever put on my resume. Even through this madding exhaustion, I was so proud that my body was able to supply my baby with the care and nourishment she needed. This is my new body in love.