My body in love

This is one of my first self-portraits as a mom. Before entering motherhood, I've imagined having a baby will be full of fluffy clouds and kisses. Boy, was I in for a big surprise! 

The new me was nursing every 3 hours for 45 min, pumped for 20 min, then spent next 10 min cleaning the pump, and carefully labeling and storing my milk away (even on days when I made only a spoonful). That gave me less than 2 hours to rest my tired, engorged and blistered boobs.

For the first 4 months I couldn't make enough milk to keep my little one happy. So I supplemented my baby with formula in-between nursing. For me, keeping her alive was the biggest challenge than anything I had ever put on my resume. Even through this madding exhaustion, I was so proud that my body was able to supply my baby with the care and nourishment she needed. This is my new body in love.

Hi! Welcome to mom is drawing.

Hi there! Thank you for visiting Mom Is Drawing! I am so happy you are here. This is a sketch journal of a mom, a fun loving, free-spirited, in-charge-of-her-own-life type of gal who woke up one morning and realized "hey, I'm a mom!" 

Ok, so maybe it wasn't that spontaneous. There should have been at least 8 months of notice that something amazing and brilliant is coming her way, but little did she know that her life will never be the same ever again.

There were so many things that mom didn't know... and though she may not have all the answers, it did not stop her from falling in love with the most precious gift she ever knew. Ultimately this drawing project is my love letter and cheer to all moms.